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My Pro Picks

Welcome to the Sprinkler Pros Resource Pages. Here you will find the best professional grade products and services for your DYI projects or for your professional jobs if you’re in the landscape or horticulture industries. With over 35 years experience I have learned what products are the best and easiest to operate and have posted them here to eliminate the time and guess work for you. Most of these point to Amazon so I have tried to find the best sellers with the best prices and that offer Amazon Prime so shipping is usually free in these cases. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for helping to support this convenient service and the educational Sprinkler Pros YouTube channel.

Timers / Controllers

Hunter and Irritrol controllers along with their accessories like rain sensors and remote control units.

I teach how to program Hunter controllers here on my YouTube channel.

Hunter ASV sprinkler valve

Sprinkler Valves

Hunter and Irritrol sprinkler valves include anti-siphon valves or inline valves.

I explain about these sprinkler valves here on my YouTube channel.

Hunter Pro-Spray family

Sprinklers and Nozzles

Hunter and Rain Bird products are the best pro-grade in the industry. 

I teach why they’re the best here on my YouTube channel.

Various PVC fittings

Drip System Components

This is the place for a few drip system components and tools. This is not an exhaustive resource but hopefully it has what you are looking for.

I have several videos discussing drip system components on my YouTube channel.

Various PVC fittings


Here you’ll find a growing inventory of fittings beyond elbows, tees, and couplers. There are time-saving, nifty fittings and assemblies that will make your projects easier.

Now there are special videos featuring some of these fittings on my YouTube channel.

Various PVC fittings


Which quality tools are essential for troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems? From Milwaukee to Channellock and others, here’s a look at what I use and recommend. The selection will grow as I have time to upload.

Various PVC fittings

Camera gear

To bring you good content I need good gear behind the scenes. See here what I use and recommend. The selection will grow as I have time to upload.

I will be creating a video or two showing how I use the gear on my YouTube channel.