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Drip irrigation system components and lingo can be confusing.

1/2" drip tubingI hear people calling drip tubing “hose” or “pipe” but a hose is attached to your faucet for washing your car. Pipe is typically underground and rigid. Terminology is important because it helps with communicating your needs better without confusion. When you go to the doctor, are you and him/her okay with mixing body and health terminologies? Would you call your heart a lung or call a toe a finger? Of course not because you want to be on the same page.

In today’s video,  Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System: The Drip System, I clarify the terms for the most common components and show you what they look like. For instance, I show you, not only what a wye filter and pressure regulator are, but show you how they should be installed. I constantly see them installed improperly or missing one or the other. I also go over some invaluable best practices based on 35 years of experience. Watch the video and download the Drip System Components photo and terminology PDF to keep on hand for reference. You can slip it into a clear sheet protector and tack it to your garage or garden shed wall.

This video is the end of the Anatomy 101 of a Sprinkler System series, but is the launch of a series of drip system videos that will go into more detail so if there’s any particular question you have about drip irrigation systems, let me know and I’ll see about covering it in an upcoming video.

Loosening my tie

waterfallThis video has been a long time coming. I have so many irons in the fire, and so many of them are screaming for top priority. Sometimes I gotta just break away and re-group. That’s what my daughter, Katie, her boyfriend James, and I did a few days ago. With our most recent storm system fiiinally behind us we hiked up to a series of waterfalls in the hills behind us that were roaring very nicely.The wind was too strong afterward to film this video at our nearby Laguna Lake so my lovely wife and I went early the next morning on Easter Sunday and were excited to see no wind so the lake was glassy as you’ll see. There was no sun but it’s okay, we got the job done.videographer and script

Upcoming drip system irrigation videos will include topics such as (titles may vary) Drip Irrigation Systems Aren’t Always Water Savers, Drip Irrigation Systems on Well Water: Do This or Get Clogged, Drip Irrigation Systems: Best Emitters, and Drip Irrigation Systems: Best Practices. This is just the short list. Stay tuned as they roll out.


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