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Welcome to the first Sprinkler Pros blog!

This is an odd topic to start the blog but it’s relevant and that’s what blogs are supposed to be, right? So here goes.

Great news for you and the landscape industry!

This is an excerpt from an email just sent out by SiteOne (the largest landscape supplier in North America):

The National Association of Landscape Professionals has determined that landscape services should be deemed Essential Businesses under these orders and remain open for business. After review of virtually all governmental executive orders issued to date, we also conclude that landscape professionals provide services essential for the maintenance and safety of our communities and therefore meet the requirements of an essential business.

How does this affect you? While you may have some down time or are acutely aware that we are on the verge of Spring (as soon as the cold rains pass), you may have some landscape or irrigation work you want or need to get done but haven’t been sure if the green industry guys or gals are allowed to come serve you under the current guidelines. You may rest assured that we are open for business!

This means that you can keep your lawn mowed and your landscape looking great. Wow! Wouldn’t it be the pits if we all had to wait until this is all over to get your lawns mowed and shrubs trimmed? Oofdah! That would not be nice. Having the green industry folks available also means that you can get that great looking paver installation done you’ve been wanting sooner than later. And lastly, it also means that now is a great time to get your sprinkler system squared away for the growing season so call today to get your appointment. We can exercise social distancing ‘n all that so no worries.