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To bring you the experienced information in the videos a steady investment of camera gear and software has been purchased. Here is some of the gear that I use to make it happen.

These are affiliate links so Sprinkler Pros may receive a small commission from products you purchase through these links. Thank you.

Hunter X2

GoPro Hero 11

Version 11 has many improvements over version 10 .Besides other things, Hyper Smooth is even better.

Hunter X2

GoPro Hero 10

I’ve owned the GoPro Hero 8 and 9. The version 10 upgrade was well worth it for me. The touch screen now responds like it should with greater sensitivity. The newer version of Hyper Smooth and the new front screen display took this camera to the next level.

Hunter X2

Dual Battery Charger + Spare Battery (Hero 9 and newer)

You can charge the battery by leaving it in the camera and connecting the USB cable to a power source but I found that it doesn’t seem to charge 100% that way. Besides, this way you can charge two at once.

Hunter X2

Rechargeable Battery (Hero 9 and newer)

Here’s an extra battery. It’s a bummer running out of power in the middle of a recording.

Hunter X2

Media Mod (Hero 9 and newer)

The media mod allows you to attach an external light mod, external mic, or an external monitor for vlogging.

WAND WiFi module

Suction cup

You can attach this to your car or pretty much any flat, even surface. 

XCH Hybrid

Magnetic swivel clip

Using this, the camera can be mounted in precarious places given they are metallic in nature.

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SPXCH Solar Panel Kit

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

This thing won’t let go of anything so be careful what you clamp it to.

Hunter X2

3-way 2.0 mount

This is my go-to mount most of the time due to its versatility. It can simply be used as a camera grip, but when needed, it can swing out and become a selfie stick or odd angle catcher. The tripod stand hides neatly inside the handle.

WAND WiFi module

Canon EOS REBEL SL3 Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm Lens kit

I actually own the SL2 version because I bought it a year or two before the SL3 was available. The SL2 was rated first in class and had great raves. I have enjoyed using it. It’s been all I need for the videos I’ve used it for. The SL2 is no longer available on Amazon as a new camera so I am providing the link for the SL3.

WAND WiFi module

Canon EOS 50mm

This lens is great for doing closeup shots with blurred backgrounds.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – More items coming soon!

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